Who is Fred Wife Monique Salum?

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Monique Salum has been Married to the Effective Manchester United’s Midfielder. In the same year, Fred Joined Manchester from Shakhtar about 52 million pounds ($70 million). The Cute Chemistry Engineer, Monique Salum, has a two-year-old boy named Benjamin Rodrigues.

Maybe you have already known him on Instagram and be one of the 1.4 million people who follow him! Now we want to talk about the players’ hottest girlfriends in the world. Monique Salum, Fred’s GF, is one of them.

It is interesting to know that Monique’s wedding ceremony was held in 2019 in Australia, but Fred and Monique have known each other since 2016 Maybe you have got many questions about Monique Salum family, Lifestyle, job, and others that we try to answer all of them in this article.

Personal information

?NameMonique Salum
?Place of BirthBrazil
?Date of BirthMarch 31, 1994
?Social Media@moniquesalum Monique Salum instagram

Monique Salum Biography

about her, we can say she is 25, and she was born on March 31, 1994. She has been to Brazil. She is Christian, and she believes that her religion is so effective in her life and keeps her always happy and energetic.

Monique Salum Biography and walk with child

About that, we can say that Brazilian GK Alisson Becker has baptized her.

Her love story

Back in 2016, when Fred was playing for Shakhtar Donetsk, they met each other, and their tale began. They published their relationship in 2016.

Monique Salum brithday with family

They were still boyfriend and girlfriend but finally, in 2018, Fred Knew that she was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. So, he proposed to her, and they got married in 2018.

Monique Salum salary and Net worth

Monique is a very famous woman, and she is a brilliant woman who is a chemical engineer, and her job is so good. So Monique Salum’s salary is 67k to 176k dollars.

Monique Salum girlfriend Fred

she has got many houses and gardens from his grandpa. Fred named her some places in Manchester and Brazil. Her Net Worth is about 10 million dollars, but we think it is growing, and As she is Fred’s wife, we estimate that it is more what we guess.


1 year after their wedding night, Monique Salum was pregnant, and finally, their son Benjamin Rodriguez was born in January 2019.

They love their child, and he can not be the only one, and it is said that they will have another baby in the future. But, indeed, Benjamin will have a perfect, peaceful, happy life because he has parents that love him and try to provide all the best for him.

Fred wife Monique Salum

Monique’s Job

Monique has studied at the Center of Belo Horizonte university in the chemical field, and now she is a chemical engineer. She is a housewife too. And as all we know, she would be a great mom.

Fred girlfriend in the stadium for watch manchester united

Social Media

Monique is more active on Instagram, and her username is (@moniquesalum), and you can see her photos and videos. She is working with some magazines too, and she is working in modeling. And she earns lots of money from advertising.

Fred and Monique

obviously, they love each other, and they have a happy life together, and of course that Benjamin gave them more happiness and hope to continue living and have more fun.

Fred and Monique In a yacht

They are so close to each other like they stick to each other all the time. They are together in every travels, trip, going out, and even when Fred travels to another country for a match, he takes his family whit him too, and it doesn’t matter what government wants to be.

Monique Salum is beautiful. It is true that love is beyond these words, but do you also think that Monique Salum married her because of Fred’s money?

The last words

Well, for the last words, we want to wish them a long, happy, exciting life and wish Benjamin be a very successful man in the future. Have a wonderful life, Fred and Monique Salum, and good luck!

Monique Salum

who is Fred's wife?

Monique Salum, who is Fred’s wife, is a Brazilian woman. She is a chemical engineer, and her salary is between 100k to 200k dollars. she has born on 31 March 1994. she is 27 now.

when Fred is married?

Fred and Monique met each other in 2016. they dated since that year, and finally, they got married in 2018. one year later, their first child has born. His name is Benjamin.

who is Monique Salum child?

In 2019 Fred and Monique had a son. His name is Benjamin. he is four now. He is the only child, and maybe he will get another brother or sister in the future.

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  1. Monique Salum is a Christian woman who was baptized by Alisson Becker in brazil. she is so smart and beautiful. she watches Fred’s match every week in Old Trafford.

    1. You may think Monique Salum who studied chemistry at university should be involved in many projects and works, but this is not the case. She spends all her time with Fred and her son.

  2. seeing players family at OldTrafford is so excited and wonderful!!! they are so supportive and they will be there every single match!

  3. this is so wonderful and amazing. if you check up Monique’s stories in Instagram you can see that she came to Old Trafford every time that manchester has a match. and second thing is that how Benjamin just looks like his father and has nothing from his mom:))

    1. Monique Salum is the stunning partner of expert footballer Fred, a midfielder at Manchester United. She changed into born to her parents, Widimark Salum and Mara Salum, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

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