Harriet Robson

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All everything you have to know about Manchester United star Mason Greenwood’s girlfriend; Harriet Robson.
Who is Harriet Robson? Where is she from? Who are their parents? What’s her job?
I was answering all over questions and other questions that could be asked in this content.

Personal information

NameHarriet Robson
Boy Friend
Mason Greenwood
Place of BirthEngland
Date of BirthN/A
age 20
Social Mediabruno fernandes instagram


Harriet Robson biography

Harriet Robson is a beautiful young lady. She is about 20 now, and she is at the age of her boyfriend Mason Greenwood because they were classmates and we can say that they are the same age. She was born in Wisbey, England, just like Mason.

Harriet Robson biography Next to a small pool

she weighs 49 kg and is about 170 cm tall. About her, we can say she has never smoked anything (cigarettes or drugs), and she has no tattoos on her body. Her eye color is blue, and she is blonde, and her religion is Christianity. At this moment, we have no information about her parents and her siblings. And also, we don’t know too much about her childhood and her personal life. She is one of the most mysterious celebrities in the world.


She has studied in Ashton at Mersey school. She has dated Mason since they were in high school. We don’t have too much information about her educations and her study field.

Harriet Robson model person

The situation between Harriet and Mason As we know and it is published, Mason and Harriet are so close to each other and love each other in the same way. They have been dating since January 1, 2019, till now. Once some Rumors had spread that Harriet broke out with Mason because he was gay! But that was just a rumor, and they still are together, and they love each other more than before.

Harriet’s job

Harriet is a model and an influencer too. She earns money from Instagram advertisements. Her Instagram ID is (@hasrobson), and she has about 200K followers, and we can say that she is a celebrity.

Harriet Robson is a sexy model

Future, will they Marrie each other?

Well, about that we have to say we don’t know what will be happened. They seem too close, and they love each other and are happy together, but we don’t know about it, but we hope they are with each other forever. But the important thing is that Mason is glad to be with Harriet, and she loves Mason back, and they are so happy. We wish them a long, happy life together and the best events in their life for the last words.

Javad Bahrami

I'm an incredible fan of Manchester United! I'm in love whit Scholes passes, Ronaldo shots, Vidic tackles. the best moments of my life are those times when manchester playing. GGMU!!


  1. I think Mason Greenwood is a stupid and hateful player. Manchester United have to deal with this once and for all and fire Mason.
    The roots of such people must be erased from the earth. Surely Harriet Robson is going through a very difficult time and she should know that we, the Manchester United fans, are by her side and we comfort her.

  2. Not only did Greenwood cause trouble for himself, but with these margins he made things worse for Manchester United. This is not the first time we have seen such a thing from him. He already has a history of creating margins for the team and Manchester United must deal with him severely.

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