Difference between Manchester United and City

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Difference between MUFC & MCFC Two clubs, Two neighbors, Two Enemies! You already must have asked yourself what club is better? Manchester United or Man City. We want to compare these two clubs and see their history, events, trophies, and fundamental differences. It’s all about you to judge. First of all, let’s check out their history.

Date of establishment

Manchester United was founded by the department of railway depots. The players were railway workers, and they were playing against the teams founded by other departments. Anyway, Manchester United was founded in 1878 with the name of Newton Heath.

Difference between MUFC and MCFC coach

The team’s kit was green and yellow, and the logo was a picture of a train. After that, in 1902, Harry Stafford gathered together 4 businessmen, and they gave 500$ each in return for being boss. Manchester City was founded in 1880 as St. Mark’s (West Gorton). The club’s name was changed in 1887 to Ardwick Association F.C., and finally, on April 16, 1894, its name changed to Manchester City.

Historical events

As we know, MCFC has not too many important events, but there is a number about MUFC. First of all, we have to mention the Munich plane crash on February 6, 1985 Wich 20 people died in that crash, and only 10 people of MUFC survived. Survivors are Johny Berry, Jacky Blanchflower, Denis Violet, Ray Wood, Sir Bobby Charlton, Bill Fox, Harry Greg, and Albert Scanlon.

Difference between MUFC and MCFC cup

The players who died in that crash are known as the flowers of Manchester, and each year the whole world brings their memories to life and shows their respect to them.

two clubs’ trophies and majors


First division premier league: 20 trophies they won 20 league trophies in: 1907-08/ 1910-11/ 1951-52/ 1956-57/ 1964-65/ 1966-67/ 1992- 93/ 1993-94/ 1995-96/ 1996-97/ 1998-99/ 1999-2000/ 2000-01/ 2002-03/ 2006-07/ 2007-08/ 2008-09/ 2010-11/ 2012-13. Second division: 1935-36/ 1974-75

Cups: F.A. Cup: 12 times MUFC is the second team to win the ing F.A. cup. The first team is Arsenal with 13 true, this. 1908-09/ 1947-48/ 1962-63/ 1976-77/ 1982-83/ 1984-85/ 1989-90/ 1993-94/ 1995-96/ 1998-99/ 2003-04/ 2015-16. Football league/EFL cup:5 times 1991-92/ 2005-06/ 2008-09/ 2009-2010/ 2016-15. FA Charity shield/ FA Community shield: 21 times 1908/ 1911/ 1952/ 1957/ 1965/ 1967/ 1997/ 1983/ 1990/ 1993/ 1994/ 1996/ 1997/ 2003/ 2007/ 2008/ 2010/ 2011/ 2013/ 2016.

Difference between MUFC & MCFC fan

European: European cup/ UEFA champions league: 3 times. MUFC has won 3 UCL and won P.L. and F.A. cup in two years of that 3 years. 1967-68/ 1999-2000/ 2007-08. European cup winner’s cup: 1 time. 1990-91. UEFA Europa league: 1 time 2016-17. European Super Cup: 1 time. 1991. Worldwide International Cup: 1 time 1999. FIFA Club World Cup: 1 time 2008


First division premier league: 7 times

1963-37/ 1967-68/ 2011-12/ 2013-14/ 2017-18/ 2018-19/ 2020-21.

Second Division/ First Division/ Championship: 7 times

1898-99/ 1902-03/ 1909-10/ 1927-28/ 1946-47/ 1965-66/ 2001-02.

Third Division / Second Division / League One: 1 time

1998-99. Cups: FA Cup: 6 times 1903-04/ 1933-34/ 1955-56/ 1968-69/ 2010-11/ 2018-19. Football league/EFL cup: 8 times 1969-70/ 1975-76/ 2013-14/ 2017-18/ 2018-19/ 2020-21. FA Charity shield/ FA Community shield: 6 times 1937/ 1968/ 1972/ 2012/ 2018/ 2019. European: European cup/ UEFA champions league: Runner up 2020-21. UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup: 1 time 1969-70.

Difference between MUFC and MCFC stadium

After comparing the two clubs, we can see that MUFC has more trophies than MCFC, but in recent 10 years, MCFC has had better performance than MUFC. It’s because they have a better owner who is so rich and spend lots of money growing his club. But Manchester United has a huge treasure called fans. Every week that MUFC has a match, the whole stadium fills up, and the fans always support their team in any condition, bad or good; it doesn’t matter. And MUFC doesn’t need to invite people to come to the stadium.

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