Estelle Bergkamp

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The facts about Donny van de Beek’s Girfriend Estelle Deborah Bergkamp. Recently, some news has published that Manchester United’s Midfielder Donny van de Beek and his Girlfriend Estelle Deborah Bergkamp will have a baby. We thought it could be helpful to tell you some information about her and introduce her to you.
So if you want to know her, read this below.

Personal information

Name Stelle Deborah Bergkamp
Husband Donny van de Beek
Place of Birth London, United Kingdom
Date of Birth March 12, 1996
age 25
Social Media estelle bergkamp instagram

Estelle Bergkamp Biography

Estelle Deborah Bergkamp was born on March 12, 1996, and Estelle Bergkamp age is 25 now. Her father is the famous Dennis Bergkamp, the Arsenal and Netherland’s footballer. She has taken and raised in London, but she has lived in Amsterdam and then she came to Manchester, and now she lives in Manchester. Her nationality is Dutch.

Estelle Bergkamp Biography

She has one Brother named Mitchel Dennis and two sisters named Saffron Rita and Yasmin Naomi. They are so close to each other and are pleased family.

Job and Net Worth

Stelle has studied in Amsterdam, and now she is an entrepreneur, and her Net Worth is about 100,000 Dollars.

Love life

Stelle Bergkamp is in love with Donny van de Beek who currently plays for Manchester United and has a perfect life. We don’t know exactly when they started dating, but we guess it could be for a few years. They are a thrilling couple, and later we found out that they will have a baby.

Estelle Bergkamp and donny van de beek Holding a celebration

The baby is not born yet, but it’s in the way! This is very great news and can change their life in a better way. We don’t know about the baby’s name or born date, but it won’t last too much. But absolutely, the baby will have a great life because Donny and Estelle will be wonderful parents.

social media

Estelle Bergkamp is active in social media, and she has an Instagram account (@estellebergkamp), and you can see her photos and videos, and stories.

donny van de beek and dennis bergkamp daughter
For the last words, we wish Estelle Bergkamp and Donny a happy, wonderful life together. Have a lovely life, fear couple!

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