who is Lucia Loi?

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Biography of Lucia Loi-Rashford’s girlfriend; Do you know who is Lucia Loi ? Does Lucia Loi have a baby? Do you know who her boyfriend is? Do you know about her personal information?

Lucia Loi is Marcus Rashford’s girlfriend. She is 24, and she has dated Marcus since 2013. she has child !
She is not married to Marcus yet. She is an Instagram star, and her followers are about 45k. Her Net Worth is about 500 thousand dollars, and Lucia Loi has a good life.

Lucia Loi Personal information

?NameLucia Loi
?BoyfriendMarcus Rashford
?Place of BirthManchester, England
?Date of BirthAugust 4, 1997
?Social Media@LuciaLoiLucia Loi instagram


Lucia Loi Biography

Lucia Loi has born on 4th August 1997, and she is 24 now. He has acted in Manchester, England. He has taken to Vicky Loi and his wife. She has a brother, and her name is Alex!

Lucia Loi sex body

He has born in August, so her Zodiac sign is Leo. He lives in England right now, and she has a very luxurious life whit her boyfriend, Marcus Rashford. We have to say that she works in a sugar company in Manchester as a PR Executive about her job.

love life and family

Lucia Loi is a beautiful woman who has been dating Manchester United’s star Marcus Rashford since 2013, but this is not the whole story.

Lucia Loi with child in stadium

Marcus Rashford has had a massive crush on her since they were little children, and she loved Rashford too. In 2013 they started dating, and until now, they are together, and they have a happy life together. They are not married yet, and they have no children, but we know they will be delighted men and women, and they will create a pleased and strong family, and their children will be so lucky because of having parents like them.

Lucia Loi biography and Rashford

education and job

Lucia Loi graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University, and in 2020 she became a manager, and she worked in marketing at Harvard business school.

Net worth and social media

Lucia lot’s Net Worth is about 500 thousand pounds, and her Instagram account is (@LuciaLoi), and she has a vast number of followers, which is about 45k.

Lucia Loi fun with Rashford

For the last word, we wish Lucia and Rashford happiness and health.

Are Marcus and Lucia still together?

Marcus Rashford and Lucia broke up in the pandemic of COVID-19, but recently Rashford has confirmed that he and Lucia are getting back together, and now they are a couple again.

Lucia Loi water

Does Lucia Loi have a baby?

there are some pictures of Lucia and a baby on the internet, but we can say that Lucia doesn’t have a baby with Rashford, and that baby is unknown yet.

Is Lucia Loi Italian?

Lucia Loi bore on August 4, 1997, in Manchester, England. But she comes from an Italian origin. Lucia Loi is not Italian, but her grand grandfather could be Italian. But what we know is that she has born in England and she is an English citizen.

How did Lucia Loi meet Marcus Rashford?

They met each other in 2013 when they were teenagers. They met each other in a public place in the neighborhood because they come from the same place. They met each other in 2013, and they are still together.

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  1. All the Manchester United fans thought that Marcus Rashford was giving his money to charity and his focus was on that, but now it became clear what was the reason for his bad play and lack of concentration during this period!

    1. The damage became properly for his or her relationship. Marcus Rashford reconciled together along with her formative years sweetheart Lucia Loi 8 months after their ‘painful’ split.

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