Varane wife Camille Tytgat

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A complete biography about Camille Tytgat. Today we want to talk about the wife of one of the Manchester United players. She is so pretty and young. She is French and is Married. She has two children, and her Net Worth is about 15 million dollars. This 28-year-old woman is educated in the law field, but she is not working, and she prefers to spend her time with her children and husband.

Personal information

NameCamille Tytgat
HusbandRaphaël Varane
Place of BirthLille, France
Date of BirthFebruary 24, 1993
Social Media

Camille Tytgat Biography

Camille Tytgat is a beautiful French woman who is married to Raphael Varane. On February 24, 1993, she bore in Lille, France, and now she is 28. She weighs like 60kg, and she is 152cm tall.

Camille Tytgat watches the game
Camille Tytgat & son watches the French national team in stadium.

She is blonde and has beautiful Hazel eyes. There is no information about her parents or siblings. Her ethnicity is mixed, and she is Christian.

Raphael Varane's well-dressed family
Varane’s wife works as a blogger for some clothing brands.

Love Life

Camille and Raphael met each other in 2011 and fell in love with each other, and finally, in 2015, they celebrated their marriage.

Camille Tytgat with son in stadium
Camille Tytgat sits in the normal chair of the stadium to watch Raphael Varane play.

They have two cute children named Ruben and Anais. Ruben is 5, and Anais is about 2. They both are so lovely and love their parents, and their parents love them back. They are a perfect happy family.

Camille Tytgat biography
Varane wife’s family photos

Education and Job

Camille is educated in the law field and has a law degree but, she is not working now, and she prefers to spend her time and energy with her family. She has no income, and she is not an Instagram model.

Camille Tytgat with Raphaël Varane
Camille Tytgat’s family are interested in watching ice skiing.

Net Worth and social media

Surprisingly, Camille has no Instagram account, and she is not a model. Her Net Worth is about 15 million dollars, and she is a rich woman.

Camille Tytgat went snowboarding
Varane wife competes in snowboarding competitions in the winter.

We wish the Varane Family happiness and health. Good luck with the last words.

Camille Tytgat In Old Trafford
Camille Tytgat goes to the stadium with her children to watch the Manchester United games.

What is Camille Tytgat ethnicity?

Camille Tytgat has no apparent ethnicity, and her race is mixed. It can be a red dad and white mom or anything else. But she is a blonde white beautiful woman, and that is what is essential.
She has two beautiful Hazel eyes, and her nationality is French. she is about 5 or 6 inches tall and weighs about 60 kg.

How many kids does Camille have?

Camille and Raphael married each other in 2015, and they have two cute little children named Ruben and Anais. Ruben is five, and Anais is about 3. Both are so cute and beautiful. Camillie has no children before marriage to Raphael.

How long has she dated Raphael?

Camille and Raphael met each other in 2011, and they dated like four years, and that is a long time for being boyfriend and girlfriend. They finally got married in 2015, and they have been a married couple for seven years. And they are a pleased family and love each other. They have two cute children that make their life bright and shiny.

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