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Paul Pogba’s wife Maria Zulay Salaues biography. Do you know who Pogba’s wife is? Do you know they have two children? Do you know about her nationality and education? 

Maria Zulay Salaues is a beautiful Bolivian woman married to French footballer Paul Pogba. They have been together since 2017, and now they have two children, one of them being a 2-year-old boy. Maria is an Instagram model, and her income is from Instagram. Her Net Worth is about 2 million dollars. Read it below for more information.

Personal information

NameMaria Zulay Salaries
HusbandRaphael Varane
Place of BirthRobore, Bolivia
Date of Birth9 October 1994
Social MediaMaria Zulay Salaries instagram


 Maria Zulay Salaues has born on 9 October 1994, and now she is 27. She has taken in Robore, Bolivia, and gown up there. 

Maria Zulay Salaries child in Bolivia

 She is a beautiful woman with blue eyes and blond hair. She weighs about 56kg, and she is about 1.73m tall. Maria was born to her parents, Ricardo Salaries and Karla Antelo. She also has two sisters named Gabriela and Carla Salaries. They have a pleased family, and Maria has grown up in a perfect family. 

Love life and family

 Maria is Married to the famous French Footballer Paul Pogba, who is playing for Manchester United. They met each other in the US when Manchester United went on the Pre-season tour in America. It was for five years ago in 2017, and they officially dated in 2019. They got married in 2019.

Maria Zulay Salaries modeling

They have two children that. One of them is a 2-year-old boy named Labile Shakur, born in 2019. The other one’s name isn’t published yet, but we know that they took it in 2020. Anyway, they have a happy family and spend so much time together. 

Maria Zulay Salaries biography

Education and job

 Maria is a beautiful woman with a pretty face, an Instagram star, and a model. She used to study at the University of Bolivia, but she didn’t continue her educations, but no, she is a very famous person and model.  

Maria Zulay Salaries lifestyle

social media and Net Worth

Maria’s Instagram ID is (@zulaypogba), and you can see her photos and videos. Her income is from modeling, sponsorship, Brand Endorsement, and paid content.

Maria Zulay Salaries brithday in social media


 Her Net worth is about 2 million dollars, so she is rich.

Maria’s Favorites

now let’s see Maria’s Favorites: 

  • Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp.
  • Famous Actress: Natalie Portman 
  • Renowned Singer: Taylor Swift
  • Favorite Brands:  Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Tarte, Gucci, Nars, etc.
  • Favorite color: Red
  • Favorite Application: Instagram
  • Favorite season: Spring 
Maria Zulay Salaries in old trafford man utd

 For the last word, we wish her and Pogba health and success.

Maria Zulay

Who is the wife of Paul Pogba?

Maria Zulay is a beautiful woman married to Paul Pogba, the Football star. She bore on October 9, 1994, in Robore, Bolivia . she is not Muslim, but she is married to Paul, a French Muslim.

How did Pogba and zulay meet?

They met each other back in 2017 when Manchester United went to the USA for the pre-season tour. They met each other there, and they finally got married in 2019.

How old is Zulay?

Zulay bore on October 9, 1997, in Bolivia, and now she is 27. she has two little children with Paul Pogba. They have a wonderful and happy life.

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