Rape Harriet Robson

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Domestic violence, right or wrong. Check out the latest hot news about Mason Greenwood’s rape and domestic violence.

 Mason Greenwood was arrested. Hours ago, Manchester Police announced the arrest of Manchester United player Mason Greenwood on charges of rape and beating. We want to fully address this issue and explain the whole story to you.

Last night, Harriet Robson, Mason Greenwood’s girlfriend, posted photos of her bloodied face and bruises on the Internet, claiming that Mason Greenwood had caused the disaster. Following the release of these images, a massive wave of criticism and insults was directed at Miso Greenwood. Eventually, the issue became media, and the Manchester police ultimately got involved.

Harriet Robson disputes

According to Harriet Mason Greenwood, Harriet’s father, Harriet recently had problems with each other, and the primary source of these problems was the disagreement over sex.

Harriet Robson and greenwood

These differences have escalated to Greenwood has resorted to rape and domestic violence.

 Real or fake

 In her Instagram story, Harriet Robson posted photos of her bloody face and other body parts that showed traces of fights and beatings, claiming that Mason Greenwood was the main culprit. Whether these photos are real or fake is questionable.

That no one knows, and the Manchester Police investigation is about that.

Severe punishment or expulsion

 Following the news and the photos, there was a massive wave of protests against Mason Greenwood, and all Manchester fans demanded that Greenwood be fired from Manchester United.

Manchester United also announced after the news that Mason Greenwood has been completely removed from the team until further notice and has no right to train with the team. The Manchester club also announced that they would decide after clarifying the performance.

Police research about Rape Harriet Robson

 Manchester police immediately entered the case after the news was published and investigated to obtain the necessary documents.

They also spoke with Harriet’s father and have not yet found evidence of Mason Greenwood’s violence. Still, Manchester police said that Mason Greenwood had been arrested and was being held pending an investigation.


 Under UK criminal law, if the plaintiff’s allegations are substantiated, and it is proven that Mason Greenwood is an aggressor or a defendant, she is fortunately sentenced to four months in prison and, in the worst case, to 30 months in jail.

Harriet’s father’s interview with Manchester Police

 As a father, you do not want to know that such things happen to your daughter. My daughter told the police that her phone had been hacked and leaked information. I did, but now there is evidence, so it is too late. He destroyed my daughter because she did not want to publish it.

We have known Mason since he was 21 years old; Mason has been with our family for two or three years, their relationship has not been good in the last few months, my daughter has been destroyed, they were very much in love and have been together for some time, the police now Deals with it.


 Harriet Robson deleted most of her posts and stories following the news and made her Instagram page inaccessible.

He claimed that he did not want to publish those photos, and his cell phone was hacked, and a hacker posted those photos.

As it turns out, Mason Greenwood has almost no chance of playing for Manchester again, but we will have to wait until the investigation is completed.


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