6 untold facts about Monique Salum family

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Nowadays, the unspoken facts and secrets in cyberspace have become very popular, and everyone is eager to hear the news about the private lives of celebrities. It is exciting for people to know the facts of their lives.

 Therefore, we decided to present you the six private and unspoken truths of one of the famous Instagram people, Monique Salum, in the form of an article.

Religion and Christianity

Monique Salum was not a Christian until 2016 and was an atheist. After meeting Brazilian national team goalkeeper Alison Becker and her husband, she converted to Christianity.

Monique Salum Religion

Alison Becker also baptized Monique in her private pool and restored her to Christianity.

Intelligence and beauty together

 Most people only talk about Monique’s physical beauty and her body, but you should know that she has a very creative and intelligent mind in addition to her beauty. She was a brilliant student, and now she is a chemical engineer working in a big company. 

Two weddings and two honeymoon

 Fred and Monique Salum have had two weddings. One before the birth of their son Benjamin, and the other after the birth of their child in 2019.

Monique Salum and fred dubai

They also went on a honeymoon twice, but their son was with them on the second honeymoon.


 Many may not know that Monique Salum has tattoos on both her hands and her right shoulder. On the back of one of his hands, we can see the role of a lovely butterfly.

The exorbitant cost of the second wedding

 The second wedding of Fred and Monique left a high cost of about $ 1 million. Therefore, he can say that the ceremony was stylish and classy.

Monique Salum sexy

They flew their second honeymoon to the Maldives and spent around € 3,500 per night staying at the Private Over Water Villa.

Monique and family

 Monique is very close to and dependent on his family, and most of the time, he is in contact with them and meets them. During the summer holidays of 2021, Monique spent her vacation in Mexico with her parents and family in a dreamy place.


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