Possible Man United coaches in the summer

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Check the statistics and honors of the coaches who have a chance to play for Manchester United in the summer. Following United’s disgraceful defeat to Watford, United decided to sack Solskjær, and Ferguson’s replacement left Manchester United after three years at Manchester United with no trophy.

After Ole Michael Creek, Solskjær’s assistant took over as Manchester United manager and made himself popular with Manchester fans with a win over Chelsea. But everyone knew that Crick was too young and inexperienced for the job, and eventually, Ralph Rangnick took over as manager of Manchester with a six-month contract. Ralph also spent two years as manager after spending time in Manchester. The sports director will work for the club.

 Now the main question is who will replace Ralf Rangnick after him? Two are the most likely of all the coaches linked with Manchester, including:

  • Mancini
  • Wayne Rooney
  • Eric Ten Hag
  • Mauricio Pochettino

Ten Hag is very popular with Manchester United fans, and his style of play is very close to Ralph Rangnick’s ideas, but the management wants Pochettino. Raleigh Rangnick has recently been given full authority to buy and sell the players he wants. The same rule will be given to him during his time as manager of Manchester United. Now we want to review the statistics and performance of these two great coaches.

Mauricio Pochettino

 Mauricio Pochettino started coaching at Espanyol in 2009 and led the team until 2012. Pochettino won just 53 of 161 games during those three years and left Espanyol for Southampton with 38 draws, 70 losses, and a 32.92%-win percentage.

Pochettino Statistics

In Southampton, the situation was not so much dedicated to Murad Pochettino, and with 60 games, 23 wins, 18 draws, and 19 losses in one year, he was able to record a 38% victory percentage.

He was hired by Tottenham Hotspur in 2014 and coached at Tottenham until 2019. During his five years at Tottenham, he played 293 games for Tottenham, 159 of which were wins, and with 62 draws and 72 losses, he recorded a 54.27%-win percentage.

He joined Paris Saint-Germain in 2021 after Thomas Tuchel and now continues with 67 games, 45 wins, 12 draws, and ten losses.

Pochettino as manager of Manchester United

He does not have many team honors with him. Still, we can mention winning the Copa Catalunya with Espanyol, winning the Copa de France, finishing runner-up in the Copa del Rey with PSG, and finishing runners-up in the Champions League and League Cup.

His honors included being selected as the English Premier League Coach of the Month in October 2013, September 2015, February 2016, and April 2017.

Eric Ten Hag

 Ajax 52-year-old Dutch coach Eric Ten Hag started his coaching career in 2012 with the Go Ahead Eagles and stayed with the team until 2013, during which he played 39 games, 18 wins, 11 draws, ten losses, and over three years. 46.15% win left the team for Bayern Munich II.

Eric Ten Hag as manager of Manchester United

He spent two relatively good years at Bayern Munich II, and by 2015, he was able to win 38 games in 72 games, draw ten games and lose 14 games. At the end of his career in this team, 66.67%. Leave the board behind.

Ten Haag continued his coaching career with the Utrecht team and led the team from 2015 to 2017. In those two years, he was on the bench 111 times, of which 56 were won, 26 were drawn, and 29 were lost.

But 2017 was the starting point for Ten Hag at Ajax. With his offensive and forward style of play and having creative and young players, he made Ajax one of the most tactical and surprising teams in the world today.

Eric Ten Hag Statistics

He has played 197 games for Ajax since 2017 and has become one of the world’s top coaches with 146 wins, 25 draws, and only 29 appearances over the years. He has a staggering 74.11% win over Ajax.

He won twice the Dutch League and the Dutch Cup with Ajax in 2018 and 2020. The most powerful thing about Ten Hag is his team’s high goals, and at the same time, eating fewer goals has made Ten Hag one of the scariest coaches in the world right now. Ajax Ten Haag has scored 545 goals, conceding just 163 goals, leaving a staggering +382 difference.

 Also, the total statistics of Ten Hag in all the teams he has coached is that in total. Ten Haag teams have scored 975 goals and conceded only 403 plans, which means that the difference between Tan Haag in his entire career is that the number +572 and his winning percentage reaches 63.96%.

It remains to be seen which of the top coaches Ralf will choose to lead Manchester United as sporting director, but fans expect Eric Ten Hag to be United’s next manager.

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