Diogo Dalot Girlfriend; Claudia Pinto Lopes

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A full biography of Claudia Pinto lopes. Dingo Dalot, the player who went to Milan on loan, has returned and has shown good performance in recent games. Now we want to tell you about his beautiful girlfriend, Claudio Lopes. 

Diogo Dalot Girlfriend is a 27-year-old Portuguese girl who completed her education in Portugal and then went to college. The net worth of Claudio is not yet known, but the value of her boyfriend, Diego Dalot, is estimated at $ 3 million. Claudia Pinto Lopes has a Good relationship with Ana Pinho (Bruno Fernandes wife) and Georgina Rodriguez (Ronaldo’s wife).

Diogo Dalot Girlfriend biography

 Claudio Pinto Lopes was born on May 13, 1995, and is currently 27. He was born in Portugal to a good family and graduated from high school in Portugal.

Claudia Pinto Lopes

 Clear information about Claudio’s parents’ names is not available, and he is reluctant to divulge personal information.

love life

 Claudio and Dalot met in the summer of 2020 and have been dating ever since. They are very interested in each other, and Claudio is present on most of Diego’s trips.

Claudia Pinto Lopes model

 They are not married yet and have no children, but a bright future can be imagined for them, and it was hoped that the two would have a long and good life together.

Claudia Pinto Lopes Job and profession

 Claudio is not happy with the release of his information on the Internet, so not much information is available about his profession, field of study, and place of work, but we know that he entered the university after leaving high school and continued his education.

Social Media

Claudio is also active in Instagram cyberspace, and despite her beauty, one can guess that she is an Instagram model and earns money this way.

Claudia Pinto Lopes and diogo dalot

His Instagram page address is (@claudiaspintolopes). Despite the little information about Claudio, we tried to provide you with the right content. Thanks for your support. 


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