Old Trafford; Towards modernity

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Information about upgrading and expanding the Red Devils home stadium

 Modernizing old Trafford 

Important news! Old Trafford will expand. Today, among football fans and team managers, the issue of increasing the capacity of stadiums and upgrading them has become critical and necessary because the high costs ultimately benefit the club and the managers. More fans mean more tickets sold in each home game and more support from the players, so the issue of more fans in the stadium is vital. This prompted the Manchester executive to consider expanding and updating Old Trafford.

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Teams such as Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Tottenham Hotspur, Juventus, and Bayern Munich have already changed their stadiums but upgrading them was an idea that has recently come to the minds of football managers. Teams like Barcelona, ​​Chelsea, Real Madrid, and Manchester United are renovating their stadiums.

Another Stadium for Women team and academy

Manchester United is also considering rebuilding their stadium with an utterly dedicated stadium for the women’s and academy teams. Manchester United could build a second stadium for their women’s academy and academy as part of plans to modernize and expand Old Trafford, according to the Telegraph. They said,” it’s time to build another stadium that fans waited for.

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There is no guarantee that such a project will be unveiled at this stage, but it is thought to be one of the bids made during the tender. Although no formal decision has been made and is still in its infancy, it is believed that Manchester United is looking for a reasonable upgrade from Old Trafford’s current capacity. Any upgrade may include an increase in capacity to at least 80,000.

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 Preliminary meetings have been held between the club and several architectures and engineering companies to present their qualifications as project partners. Collete Roche in FAB: Potentially exciting ideas have been generated in these sessions, although it is essential to note that we are still in the early stages, and it is too early to talk about a timetable.

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 No decision has been made on the scope or budget of the project and the potential capacity increase. The final design will be based on analysis and consultation without a pre-determined idea of limitation. United is open-minded about the best approach to modernizing Old Trafford, but we intended to stay the same and take a step-by-step process so that the team does not have to move away.

Old Trafford is the largest club football stadium in the UK with a capacity of 75,000 people and one of the most iconic football stadiums in the world with 111 years of brilliant history as the home ground of Manchester United.  The stadium has undergone several stages of renovation and development over the decades and is constantly evolving,” said Roach. The executive director continued: We intend to involve the fan advisory board in this process and keep this association fully informed. 

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