Who is the owner of Manchester United?

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A detailed look at the history of previous owners and this article is a complete introduction to the Glazer family and a review of their performance. 

As we all know, the owners of Manchester United are an American family named Glazers. The Joel and Avram. These two brothers are the prominent owners and have the most significant share of Manchester united.

 They have taken their shareholding to 75.5 percent for 14 years, and actually, they have been the owners of Manchester United for 14 years. Now want to take a look at the Now we want to look at the previous United owners. 


 Manchester united Was established in 1878. The carriage and wagon department of the Lancashire and Yorkshire railway established the club, and they named it Newton Heath LYR football club. So the first owner of Manchester United was the Railway departments of Lancashire and Yorkshire.

owner of manchester united on Old Trafford

 They first wore green and yellow shirts. On 24 April 1902, the club team changed to Manchester United FC, and the color of the shirt turned to Red. After 1902 the ownership of Manchester United was passed to John Henry Davies. He died in 1927, and the club faced bankruptcy, but James W. Gibson saved the club in 1931. Gibson promoted his son Alan for ownership, but after three years, he died. So the right of Manchester United passed to Alan’s Mother and James’s wife Lillian, but she could not save her position, and the ownership passed to a former player named Harold Hardman.

Glazers family owner of manchester united

 So these names are the subsequent owners of Manchester United: Louis Edwards, Martin Edwards, Rupert Murdoch’s British Sky Broadcasting Corporation, Magnier and McManus, and Glazer Family.


In 2005 Malcolm Glazer bought a 25% share of Manchester United from Magnier and McManus. In 2006 they raised their stake to 30%, and in 2014 they purchased 75.5% of Manchester United, and they ultimately got the ownership of Manchester United. 

The most hateful owners in the world

 for all Manchester United Fans, the Glazer family is the symbol of misery and hate. The reason is that in their time, Manchester United experienced the worst ten years of its history. 

Glazers out banner

 Manchester United only won 4 trophies in the Glazer period in 12 years. They are using this club to earn money for themselves, and they changed Manchester United into a moneymaker machine. 

 In these 12 years, they spent over a billion dollars, and they got no result instead. They changed Manchester’s coaches four times. The fans are very angry with them now, and they want to do something to finish this misery and win all trophies.

 Will they go?

  It seems unlikely, but there is this hope that they finally sell the club cause of the pressure of the fans. There are whispers about the sale of the club, and the reputable and wealthy owners are linked to Manchester to buy Manchester, but we have to wait and see what will happen in the future.

 There is this hope that Ralf Rangnick manages Manchester United and finally reaches the golden days.

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