Top 6 the most beautiful Man United player’s wife

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Have you ever asked yourself who has the most attractive partner between Man United’s players?  In this context, we want to introduce you to the most beautiful partners between Man UTD’s players. Of course, all Manchester players’ wives and girlfriends are pretty, but we wanted to collect ten of them, so they have to be so cute.

start with Georgina Rodriguez

 Who are Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend and mother of his child? She is a supermodel on Instagram, and she is 27 now. 

georgina rodriguez beautiful wife 2

 The reason that she is number 1 is that she has gotten pregnant three times, and she did not lose her beauty and fitness. So number 1 is Georgina Rodriguez.

Monique Salum

 Monique is a Brazilian model who is so pretty, and her body is still fit after being pregnant once. She is so cute and so rich. Fred is a fortunate guy that has her. 

Maria Zulay

 Maria is Pogba’s wife, and she is so pretty. She is from French and is 27 right now. Against her husband, Maria is not Muslim, but she has a great life, and she has got pregnant once, but she is still beautiful. 

Maja Nilsson Lindelof

 Maja is a supermodel and an Instagram Model. She is so pretty, and we can say that many Man United fans have a massive crush on her. She has a child, and she is still so pretty. She is about 27, and Victor Lindelof is her husband. 

Edurne Garcia

 Edurne is De Gea’s wife, a singer, 34. 

edurne garcia beautiful wife 1

 her body is so unique, and she is so tall and pretty. She and David have a girl together, and Edurne is like the first day. She is so fresh and lovely. 

Ana Pinho

 number 6 on the list is the wife of the best player of Man United, Bruno Fernandes. She is the mother of 3 children, but she is still so fit and pretty. Ana is about 27 now. 

Javad Bahrami

I'm an incredible fan of Manchester United! I'm in love whit Scholes passes, Ronaldo shots, Vidic tackles. the best moments of my life are those times when manchester playing. GGMU!!

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