Telles wife Priscila Minuzzo

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Some good information about Alex Telles wife Priscila Minuzzo. Do you know who Alex Telle’s wife is? She is a beautiful Brazilian girl who is married to Alex in 2018. She is about 26 and has born in Brazil.

 She and Alex have a great life together, and her profession is Modeling cause of her beautiful face and body. Now we want to introduce her to you with more details.


Priscila Minuzzo was born on December 3, 1993, in Brazil and is now about 26. She is a lovely girl who is Christian and runs into a Christian family.

Priscila Minuzzo and Alex Telles

Her parents have no information because she doesn’t want her data to be published. 

love life

She saw Alex Telles in Portugal in 2013, and they started dating together in 2013. Finally, they found out that they could live together as husband and wife, and they found that they love each other and their love is so true. 

Priscila Minuzzo and Telles valentine

 Finally, they married in 2018 and started an exhilarating adventure together. Priscila Minuzzo has no children yet, but we hope they have one in the future. 

Priscila Minuzzo on old trafford

Profession and education

There is no information about Priscila’s school or high school or even her college and job, but we know that she is so popular on Instagram and has too many fans.

Priscila Minuzzo sexy

So, we can say that she is an Instagram star, and she makes money from there.

Net Worth and salary

 Priscila’s salary is unknown, but we can estimate that her Net Worth is about 2 million dollars. She is so rich and has a perfect life. 

Priscila Minuzzo relax

Social Media

she is so popular on social media, and you can see her photos and videos. Her Instagram ID is (@priminuzzo). 

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